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Challenges in Fighting Covid19 in Developing Countries – Zambia’s Experience
Managing the complex and rapidly evolving COVID-19 has proven to be extremely challenging for hospitals and health systems. The IHF is hosting a series of webinars and live Q&As to share experiences, best practices and recommendations from IHF members, partners and other organizations. Together we can share, learn, adapt and work together to overcome this global crisis.

While the whole world has been hit with the COVID-19 Pandemic, developing countries, in particular, are trying to survive the crisis with the least negative impacts possible. From a disturbed supply chain to a poor healthcare system, the path of medical facilities is not as smooth as theoretical protocols may sound. Medland Hospital, recently opened in Zambia, has decided to turn the challenges into opportunities. Sharing the experience is indeed a way for better future preparedness for emergency scenarios.

Attend this webinar to hear about the emergency response strategy set up in Medland Hospital, the supply chain disruptions they experienced and solutions found, as well as the protocols that they plan to implement post-COVID-19.

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Jun 10, 2020 12:00 PM in Universal Time UTC

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Dr. Mohamed El Sahili
Chief Executive Officer @Medland Hospital, Zambia
Dr. Mohamed El Sahili is the CEO of the SF Group of companies comprising Medland Hospital, the first hospital in Zambia to use cutting edge techniques and latest equipment in the medical sector; Celine Real Estate and F&A Real Estate. Dr. El Sahili served as Fairy Bottling’s CEO until the company was acquired by Coca-Cola Beverages Africa. A Doctor by profession as well as an entrepreneur, he also serves as Vice President to the American Chamber of Commerce Zambia, Board Member to the Corporate Council on Africa, Board Member to the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC), Member and Country Representative at the Africa Business Roundtable, and Member at the Africa Health Federation. Dr. El Sahili has been awarded as an Africa Food Industry Champion for the Year 2018. He currently presides the Care and Aim Network for Humanity in Zambia. His commitment towards Women Empowerment, Waste Management and Wellness & Health is phenomenal and constitutes the pillar of his Vision 8 5 3.