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8th Ethics Webinar: “Ethics of Work and Human Development” in ASEAN
Work as a human development experience poses ethical questions for ASEAN. What is the purpose of work? How much of our lives should we spend working? How do we define fair work? What most contributes to human development in the workplace? Can ASEAN contribute to human net positive development for everyone?
In recent years, work in ASEAN is being defined by the ethics of a people-centric social and cultural community, as well as the ASEAN economic community. Companies have integrated ethics into practices like the employee experience, diversity and inclusion, stakeholder contribution, health and well-being, human rights in the supply chain and the ethical use of technology.
This ECAAR dialogue brings together four ASEAN experts representing human development, fair work, human rights and social science to discuss what the ASEAN workplace should look like in the future.


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