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National Renewable Energy Lab Webinar
Learn about NREL’s history and how the lab is leading the way in advancing clean energy technologies and their integration into the global energy system, including evaluation of multi-technology, multi-sectoral solutions with nuclear energy. NREL applies its expertise worldwide to scale up use of advanced renewable energy technologies for the power, transport, buildings, and industrial sectors and optimize overall energy system performance. They have extensive experience in adapting and applying energy solutions for countries and all regions throughout the world. Hear about the clean energy jobs of the future, energy transformations, and opportunities to engage internationally across various technologies and with multiple stakeholders.

Martin Keller, NREL Lab Director
Jill Engel-Cox, JISEA and the CEM NICE Future initiative, NREL
Jordan Cox, Lead for the Nuclear Flexibility Campaign, NREL
Grant Buster, Data Scientist and former engineer for NuScale Probabilistic Risk Assessment, NREL
Mark Ruth, Hydrogen Specialist, NREL
Ellen Morris, NREL Ambassador for C3E

Matt Wargon, Senior Nuclear Design Engineer, TerraPower and ANS Young Members Group Co-Program Chair

Remarks from: Giulia Bisconti, Senior Advisor for Multilateral Cooperation, Office of Nuclear Energy, U.S. Department of Energy and NICE Future Team
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