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Working In the New Normal: Returning to Work After COVID-19
Join this excellent panel of speakers from AON, Littler, and JLL to discuss the HR, human capital, legal, and commercial real estate perspectives on how to bring workforces back on line and, in many cases back to worksites after COVID-19, as employers will be facing myriad challenges to do so safely, legally, and effectively.

Topics covered in this virtual event include:

• Return-to-work protocols and workplace health and safety considerations, including key controls, protective measures, and related benchmarking

• Issues related to recalling furloughed employees and bringing them back to full-time – a switch or a dial? Legal considerations (including when employees may need to be re-hired and changes exemption status) and pay, benefits and workforce planning issues.

• Trust and Privacy – what do we need to know, who needs to know it, and what are the legal requirements?

• Employment law issues associated with employees who do not want to return to work because of on-going fears of COVID-19

• The lasting impact of the COVID-19 crisis on disability accommodation and requests for family and medical leave

• Frictionless hiring – how to keep candidates engaged and creative ways to recruit and onboard

• Career and development – equipping managers and employees think about “what’s next”

• Employee re-entry to the workplace

• Landlord protocols and policies

• Re-entry phasing

• Workplace occupancy plan

• A day in the life

• Post COVID: A look to the future


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