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AISA Webinar: New World Threats: ChatGPT & AI
Hosted by the AISA Cloud Branch, please join Gabe Marzano, Cyber Security Evangelist and Alex Nehmy, Director Industry 4.0 at Palo Alto Networks, for an online presentation discussing ‘New World Threats: ChatGPT and AI’.

ChatGPT has exploded in popularity since its release in November 2022. Whilst providing exciting opportunities for the future, ChatGPT also poses significant new risks when leveraged by cyber criminals. In this session, we will explore the threat actors and use cases behind ChatGPT, including malware development, social engineering, disinformation, phishing, malvertising and money-making schemes.

We will explore what ChatGPT & AI means from an infosec perspective:
● How ChatGPT is transforming how we work, study, and play.
● Pros and cons for cyber security and how to address the challenges.
● How to achieve trust, transparency and accountability.
● The role of cyber education to tackle new risks.

Gabe & Alex take us on a journey of future possibilities provided by AI, whilst exploring the necessary risk mitigation considerations required to defend against the malicious use of ChatGPT in 2023.

Mar 29, 2023 12:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Gabe Marzano
Cyber Security Evangelist @Palo Alto
Gabe Marzano is a Cyber Security Evangelist at Palo Alto Networks. Gabe is a former Head of Cyber Security, having built a $50M+ cyber security software business, is a former Military Officer in the Australian Department of Defence, and has been awarded both global and regional awards in the high technology industry. Gabe is increasingly fascinated by technology and its impact on humanity, particularly in the fields of digital influence and superintelligence — and hosts a fortnightly podcast called Dark Mode to help people thrive in cyberspace.
Alex Nehmy
Director of Industry 4.0 @Palo Alto
Alex Nehmy is the Director of Industry 4.0 at Palo Alto Networks. With over 20 years experience in cyber security and has spent the past decade securing critical infrastructure. Alex has consulted nationally and internationally for KPMG and has led cyber security for Australia's largest defence prime. Alex built the cyber security capabilities for The University of Adelaide and also SA Power Networks, where he brought the IT and Operational Technology groups together to secure the South Australian electricity grid. Alex is also a fellow of the Australian Information Security Association.