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Management of erectile dysfunction following prostate cancer treatment (Conservative & Surgical) - Dr Gregory Malone
Prostate cancer treatments can affect various aspects of your sexual function, but the most significant is your ability to have an erection. It is likely you will have some difficulties getting and maintaining an erection after prostate cancer treatment. How long this will last depends on a number of factors. Your healthcare team will plan this with you based on a range of factors including the prostate cancer treatment you received, what your previous erectile function was, what your expectations are, and when you would like to resume sexual activity following treatment.

There are a range of treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED). It is very important that you discuss your options with your healthcare team. Your options involve taking medications or using devices to help your erectile function. These may be offered to you individually or as a combination. Dr Greg Malone, a USANZ Urologist at Brisbane Urology Clinic, works in the specialty field of prostate cancer management and the sub-specialty of sexual rehabilitation following prostate cancer treatment. Dr Malone is highly experienced in the management of erectile dysfunction and practices in a wide range of treatment options for men including medications, injection therapies and surgery including penile prosthesis.


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