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AEM Introductory Webinar and Live Q&A
AEM is a well-established, $600M, organisation with more than 25 years of delivering innovative advanced test capability products, across a broad range of technologies. With a major sales presence in the USA, Asia, India and the Middle East, AEM have partnered with Mayflex to bring their innovative solutions to the UK, providing customers with a greater choice and more options when it comes to testing and together providing ‘certifiably better testing’.

In this 55-minute webinar we will:
• Introduce you to AEM
• Provide a brief introduction to the product range
• Fastest Cat8 Cable Certifier
• Fastest Fibre Certifier
• Combined Network Testing Features
• Discuss the inclusive 3-year extended care plan and warranty
• Discuss why together, Mayflex and AEM will provide certifiably better testing
• Finish with a Q&A session
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