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Safer Together: Cross-Reporting for Humane and Human Services in Indiana
The Animal Welfare Institute and the National Link Coalition, with the support of the Indiana Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-IN) and the Winley Foundation, will host this virtual workshop to explore this critical issue and opportunities to establish and enhance cross-training and cross-reporting processes at the local level. This workshop will explore “the dark side” of the human-animal bond and its implications for human and humane services, family welfare agencies, prosecutors, law enforcement, and human and veterinary
medicine. It will describe new strategies, public policy, research, and programs to prevent family violence and to respond to its human and animal victims.

- Phil Arkow, National Link Coalition
- Andrew Campbell, Author of The Intertwined Well-Being of Children and Non-Human Animals, Indianapolis
- Sharon Dull, Co-founder Tippecanoe County Animal Task Force
- Hannah Fisher, former Chief ACO, Boone County Sheriff
- Patrick Harrington, Tippecanoe County Prosecutor
- Josh Klumpe, Chief ACO, Lafayette Police Animal Control
- Sandy Runkle, Director of Programs, Prevent Child Abuse

- Vicki Deisner, Animal Welfare Institute
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