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E-1 Visa Investor Requirements and Renewal Considerations
An E-1 Visa is often an overlooked visa. This visa is available to nationals of certain countries that engage in trade with the U.S. This seminar will go over the E-1 visa requirements including:
- What is an E-1 Visa? (The E-1 requirements explained)
- What is Trade?
- How much Trade is enough?
- Other Trade considerations
- How to apply for an E-1 visa
- E-1 Visa developments and adjudication Trends
- E-1 Visa, business plan, employee and entity considerations
- Common reasons for E-1 denials
- What it takes to renew an E-1

Our expert panel will also leave time for questions and answers. Attendees will also receive a free E-1 visa guide after the seminar.
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