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Connecting Higher Education and the Green Economy Community
Geared towards the higher education community and focused on the need for a green economy, this event provides an overview about how to update all academic areas to help create an inclusive and skilled workforce to address the climate crisis and provide careers that support sustainable development. The event will describe strategies and resources to help educators and employers improve curricula, placement processes and assist career advisers. The event makes use of the newly launched Global Guidance for Education on Green Jobs, a document that provides insights and empowerment for effective actions, a collection of key resources, and an opportunity to join an international community of practice (Link to doc: https://wedocs.unep.org/bitstream/handle/20.500.11822/35070/GGEGJ.pdf) .

The primary audiences for this event are higher education rectors and top administrators, career advisors for students and alumni and teaching staff in all academic areas, as well as businesses, NGOs, and governments in support of the green economy and sustainable transformation. Attendees will find this event useful for strategic planning and collaborative efforts with each other.

Participants will enhance their understanding of how higher education, both universities and technical institutions, can better connect with employers for curricular updates, internships and placements. This event is part of a larger initiative designed to connect a stronger supply of necessary green and environmental sustainability skills through education with a growing demand for green jobs in the workforce. The initiative is housed at UNEP and includes input from multiple expert organizations, including IAU as a host of this kick-off event (see also: https://www.unep.org/explore-topics/education-environment/what-we-do/green-jobs-youth).

Higher education and other attendees will learn how to more effectively interact with employers to provide the workforce they need. This will be an interactive session.
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