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A just energy transition for workers: tapping into a century of ideas
The EU’s energy transition, from fossil fuels to an energy-efficient and renewables-based system will change, not only how energy is produced, but also how people use energy. This transition will have a major impact on workers across different sectors, affecting their respective communities and regions. While this is an enormous transition, it is not the first. European history shows numerous successful and cautionary examples of past energy and industrial transitions, which offer valuable lessons for the EU and the member states as they explore ways of managing the ongoing energy transition, so that no one will be left behind.
The Policy Dialogue will look into the lessons of past transitions and consider how to manage the impact, risks and opportunities on workers and their communities, as well as the role of stakeholder engagement in finding solutions to achieve a just transition.

Nov 30, 2021 10:30 AM in Brussels

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