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A Reappraisal of 1915 - Afternoon session
'The Western Front in 1915: Indian Connections with the World Beyond' by George Morton Jack

Through considering the Indian Army on the western front on a few days in 1915, this talk connects events in France, Belgium and Britain with the wider world to give glimpses of the global war that year. It shows Indian forces forming an emerging global network across the fronts of Europe, Africa and Asia, adapting as they learned and shared lessons of modern warfare.

'Women Doctors in Military Medical Service in 1915 : A Turning Point in their acceptance?' by Dr Antonia Newell

In 1914, British and colonial women doctors’ offers to help in military service were refused. Following their work in voluntary medical units, negative attitudes started to change and by 1915 their capability to deal with war casualties was confirmed. The talk will focus on their achievements in 1915 which led to some being officially attached to the RAMC in 1916.

'The Functional and Dysfunctional: The 1915 CEF’s Fighting, Training, Recruiting, and Administrative Echelons' by Dr Bill Stewart

The Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1915 was not the crack organisation of 1918. It was a puzzling amalgam of a functional fighting force crippled by gravely dysfunctional recruiting, administrating, and training institutions. This presentation will explain this vast chasm in 1915 by examining each of the four elements and how the three malfunctioning echelons hampered the fighting component. It will, further, explain how and why this situation emerged out of a lack of experience in raising, maintaining, and administering overseas forces and a political leadership that was wholly unsuited to these challenges.

May 1, 2021 02:00 PM in London

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