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Emma Smith: "Shakespeare as Collaborator" - "Kirill Gerstein invites" hosted by Kronberg Academy
On Wednesday, April 28 at 18:00 CET, Emma Smith will discuss "Shakespeare as Collaborator". Emma writes: "We tend to think of Shakespeare as the ultimate solo genius, standing aloof from his fellows and communing only with his Muse. In this talk I push him off this pedestal – or, at least, give a leg-up to lots of other contributors to Team Shakespeare. The early modern theatre was a joint enterprise, and Shakespeare’s plays are shaped by his fellow actors, the conditions of performance, and the demands of his audience. These texts have been preserved for us because of the interventions of printers and publishers, who also intervene in the works in some sometimes unpredictable ways. Recent scholarship has identified extensive collaborative writing, too. I will discuss this often controversial work, setting out its methods and what might be gained from understanding Shakespeare as a collaborator. A different, more collegial figure emerges: gaining creative energy from contact with others, in the rehearsal room, the writing room, and the print shop. Finally, Shakespeare’s own collaborations license the ongoing creative adaptation of his plays by musicians, artists, filmmakers and novelists."

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