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Packages and Pricing for Wedding Planners: How to Build Bundles at the Right Prices
It’s not easy coming up with how to sell and serve your clients. What do you put in packages? How can yours stand out from everyone else? How do you present them to clients? What do you charge? How do I put a limit on all the “free” work I end up doing because I can’t say no? The answers to these questions are in your package and pricing design.

I’m bringing wedding sales and pricing expert, Sam Jacobson in for a deep dive workshop to provide answers on these questions and more!

Sam’s a full-time educator for wedding pros, working with organizations such as The Knot, Engage, WIPA and NACE to bring the psychology of selling to wedding pros across the country. He uses research-backed methods designed over a 14-year career selling weddings and coaching clients.

The live workshop we’re doing on Oct 14th includes:
2 hours of information from Sam on the sales process, packages, and pricing
30 minutes of live Q&A
Templates for emails to clients who want “free” work
Word tracks for tough situations with clients you need to say “no” to
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