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Digital Dairy Series Webinar 1: Don’t buy B.S. (Bull Speak):  How food bullying hurts your health
COVID-19 has taken fear about food to a new level. How can you better evaluate label claims in the dairy case? Can you find the B.S. (Bull Speak)? International award-winning author Michele Payn reveals how food is a $5.75 trillion business focused on fear-based marketing. Food bullying is about the need to position one food as superior to another, removing choice, and creating emotion. This interactive webinar will take a look at levels of bullying and their motivators, helping you to simplify safe food choices and protect food security. Michele will provide evidence-based examples from her years as a Holstein breeder and professional speaker connecting farm and food.

You’ll learn:

-How does food bullying affect us? Overview of victims and the consequence of misinformation on food prices, the food insecure, and farmers.

-What is Bull Speak (B.S.) and what matters on food labels? Examples to include hormones, antibiotic claims, ‘distinction without definition’ labels - and the power of the Nutrition Facts Panel.

-Why does food bullying impact your brain? Introduction to neuromarketing and emotional decision-making in the dairy case.

-How can you manage emotional vs. rational decisions related to food to overcome the unnecessary drama surrounding our food plates today?


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