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Shining The Light On Mental Health Taboos
Participants will learn to identify signs of mental health issues in themselves and those around them, understand to begin to tackle these issues and the resources available. Participants will also have the opportunity to have theirs questions on all things relating to mental health taboo or otherwise answered by the speaker.

About the Speaker, NMP Anthea Ong:
Anthea Ong is a Nominated Member of Parliament who champions mental health, social inclusion and climate change as her key areas of work in Parliament. She's also appointed by the Minister of Health to be a member of the Tripartite Oversight Committee for Workplace Safety & Health, co-chaired by MOH and MOM. She's a social entrepreneur and impact investor having founded several social initiatives and community projects including Hush TeaBar, A Good Space, WorkWell Leaders Workgroup, Playground of Joy and others. She was previously President and board member of WINGS, Singapore's only registered charity that deals with women and ageing - and have contributed on the boards of charities such as Daughters of Tomorrow and UN Women Singapore.
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