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Nature Spirits: Understanding Their Reality & Importance
This course seeks to expand & explore one’s awareness of the existence of Nature Spirits & the subtle energy of the astral dimension & the ley lines/grid lines of our Earth. Of the five kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, deva and human), the ‘deva’ kingdom of nature spirits is the least understood because it exists in the astral dimension yet affects & holds the reality of lakes, mountains, wind & so on.

Have you ever wondered why certain locations seem to have more ‘energy’ than others? Why ancient cultures would build their temples & structures - oriented to the energies of their area - & their cultures thrived? Are you aware of grid lines & ley lines (channels of subtle energy) that crisscross our planet? Do you know the governing nature spirit where you live? Have you ever heard of fairies, elves, gnomes & so forth?

Not only will we be exploring this subject together, but each part of this series will have experiential exercises & meditations to increase your awareness of the existence of nature spirits & your interaction with them.

Course Requirements:
This is a CIHS Center for Lifelong Learning event that is open to all. There are no prior requirements, as Dr. Jelusich will lead you through each part of this four-part series, followed by Q&A. You are welcome to submit questions or concerns to: drjelusich@lightnews.org.

Participants will:
Have a deeper understanding of the existence of nature spirits & their interaction with our material environment; Enjoy a greater awareness of the interaction of the five kingdoms of Earth (mineral, plant, animal, deva & human); Achieve an understanding of the ley line/grid line of subtle energies that are the meridians of our planet; Understand the concept of ‘biological oscillation:” how consciousnesses of different kingdoms of earth interact to conserve energy; Comprehend how the construction & orientation of structures (pyramids & stone circles) were purposefully built to harmonize with Earth's grid/nature spirits.
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