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#FacturasImposibles : A campaign calling for an energy system that puts families before profit
Date: 15th February 2022 9.30-11.00 CET

Title: #FacturasImposibles : A campaign calling for an energy system that puts families before profit

Daniel Alvarez, Projects manager. Isadora Duncan, Spain.
Kieran Pradeep, Climate Justice and Energy Campaigner, Friends of the Earth Europe.

Description: This breakfast byte will focus on a campaign of Isadora Duncan which highlights how rising energy prices are affecting families in Spain and across Europe, and the need to launch public debates on access to energy as a basic citizenship right. Their campaign #FacturasImposibles puts the focus on the over-indebtedness challenges generated by the “bono social” in Spain, a social discount for energy provision provided by the Government which is flawed in its design. Isadora Duncan call for families to participate more actively in shaping the policy tools that prevent or tackle energy poverty. A representative from the Right To Energy Coalition will respond to this campaign highlighting actions which can be taken at EU level to address this and related challenges.

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Feb 15, 2022 09:30 AM in Brussels

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