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Developing optimal biomarkers for cancer immunotherapy
A minority of patients with cancer benefit from immunotherapies today, and we cannot yet reliably predict which patients will benefit from immunotherapy. More effective biomarkers could help improve treatment decisions for patients and clinicians considering immunotherapy.

Lunit SCOPE IO has been built to analyze the tumor microenvironment and enable immune phenotyping solely from the analysis of H&E slide images, demonstrating promising predictive power as an immunotherapy biomarker.

In this webinar, Dr. Tony Mok and Dr. Jeanne Shen will:

- Review the performance and evolution of immunotherapy biomarkers to date including PD-L1, TMB, and MSI status
- Consider new biomarker strategies that go beyond cell-specific markers to include spatial analysis of the tumor microenvironment
- Discuss the potential for TME analysis and immune phenotyping to act as an improved immunotherapy biomarker, including recent publications using Lunit SCOPE IO demonstrating immunotherapy response prediction


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