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A2MAC1: Seating Highlights 2020 Innovation & Ingenuity
• Today’s automotive manufacturing process is more sophisticated, complex, and exciting than ever before, and we are proud to be at the epicenter, partnering with OEMs and suppliers worldwide to advance vehicle design and manufacturing. Thanks to our matchless methodology, our customers gain invaluable insight derived from 800+ vehicle disassembles,enabling us to optimize materials and design, identify critical opportunities, and fully exploit their value-engineering envelope
• A2Mac1 has been the world leader in Global Automotive Benchmarking for more than 20 years. This unique viewpoint not only allows us to herald the latest innovations in all areas of automotive design and execution , but also to look back into the rich database of over 850 vehicles to identify trends and possible future directions. This presentation will apply this to the Top Seating ‘Highlights’ we have seen recently around the world.
Top seating Highlights of 2020 that includes;
• Packaging
• Material
• Cost Savings
• Design
• Emerging trend : What affect EV’s may have


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