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Money, Credit, and Crises: Understanding the Modern Banking System
Nektarios Michail will be presenting his recently published book that aims to offer a better understanding of how the banking system works and how this relates to the proper functioning of any modern economy.

Usually, this perspective has been cast aside from overall economic education. Even in the aftermath of the recent financial crisis, which has underlined the vital importance of banking in the economy, the workings of the sector still remain a black box to a great extent.

In this short presentation key themes of the book will be covered with the aim of offering more insights in lesser-known areas of the finance industry, such as the shadow banking system, which includes, among others, insurance companies and money market funds, as well as have an overview of the financial instability hypothesis. In addition, a practical perspective is offered through an overview of how policy actions (such as quantitative easing and negative interest rates) impact the overall economy and markets.
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