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FinOps & AWS - Effective Cloud Cost Optimization
Bet you’re throwing your money into the Cloud

Don't get us wrong. We love the Cloud. But we also love our customers (and of course anyone who wants to become one). That's why we’ve searched for the best solution to make the flexible and confusing cost structure of the Cloud more visible and predictive for all stakeholders. And what did we find?

FinOps - the most efficient cost optimization for the Cloud

There are many reasons for high Cloud costs. They include lack of governance, lack of transparency and complex billing models. That’s great of course because it also means that there are many optimization possibilities. FinOps is a collaborative, cross-functional cost and resource optimization approach. Or in short: an approach that finally successfully combines IT and finance.

- an introduction to the topic of cloud costs – and the important differences to on-premise IT
- an introduction to FinOps - a new operating model for the Cloud
- strategies for better Cloud governance, cost transparency and collaboration

Oliver Gehrmann, CEO kreuzwerker Frankfurt

Oliver is a FinOps consultant and the GoTo expert in Germany when it comes to AWS cost optimization. As a former DevOps engineer and AWS team lead in a consulting firm, he knows how tech teams think and what executives want.

J.R. Storment

J.R. is executive director of the FinOps Foundation, co-author of O'Reilly's book on cloud financial management called "Cloud FinOps, Collaborative, Real-Time Cloud Financial Management", and was formerly the co-founder of Cloudability.

This webinar is suitable for IT Finance & Procurement, DevOps Leaders, IT Operations, Application/Product Owners.
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