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An Open Discussion With IT Leaders: How Real Organizations Embrace a Culture of Empowerment While Taking on Critical IT Initiatives
Bell Techlogix will host a lively discussion with IT leaders from across the country who have diverse backgrounds to discuss how they have achieved results during a season where circumstances did their best to place transformation on hold.

• Organizations are adapting to a post-pandemic state of working. Results are expected. Some of the ongoing roadmap items, cloud adoption, automation initiatives, ITSM platform changes and upgrades, etc, from 2019/2020/2021 got delayed and many IT organizations fell behind their plan to handle pandemic

• Digital Transformation is even more important to help facilitate ongoing expectations of remote work, challenges in the labor market, and ongoing budget constraints due to COVID based business challenges and the Great Resignation

• Not only do organizations need to adopt new technologies, and implement new processes, but they also need to empower their people and drive organizational change management to achieve real transformation.

• IT organizations are also challenged with creating a culture where their employees know that they are valued and are excited to go to work, particularly when more and more of the workforce is working from home.
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