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BREATHE! 10 Minutes in Awareness
Welcome! Every Monday Morning pause to go within through the grace and majesty of your own breathing. Eastern wisdom and Western innovation unite through the simple art and science of awareness.

Barbara Condron, author of Master Living and Kundalini Rising, gently guides you through a three-tiered reset for your week. Designed to follow the neuroscience of dreaming, each session begins with the yogic practice known as Deergha Swasam.

This leads into Six Breaths that synchronize the physical breath of your body with the mental breath of your mind. Calibrating your breath creates a seed thought for the week ahead.

'BREATHE - 10 Minutes in Awareness' sessions are Live at 8am Central time.

Side note:
This is presented in a webinar format, so you can zoom in from anywhere without being 'on camera'. To participate, Dr. Condron suggests a space that is calm and where you will not be disturbed. When possible a natural setting encourages sustainability and affords a place to revisit later in the week.
Webinar is over, you cannot register now. If you have any questions, please contact Webinar host: Barbara Condron.