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COVID-19: Don’t let the crisis go to waste
This pandemic is a terrible thing. But you can use it to drive positive transformation.

Alexis Krivkovich, managing partner for McKinsey San Francisco, counsels executives on managing change and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Lorraine brings a strong and diverse background in technology, innovation, and partnering to her role as President & CEO at Catalyst. Their insights have enabled many organizations to transform even in the middle of turmoil, and empowered generations of women in the workplace. Join us for a live Q&A with Alexis and Lorraine on how you can find opportunities to transform your business for the better as the pandemic wears on.

This webinar is presented in partnership with UPWARD, whose mission is to accelerate career advancement for executive women by:
· Creating collaborative gatherings to learn from leaders and network
· Cultivating events that build up members through focused conversations, solutions, and creativity
· Nurturing relationships that help members move up in their career


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