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2023 Trends: A Look at the Biggest Trends in the AEC Industry
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“It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future'”
-Lawrence (Yogi) Berra

Knowing the trends set to impact architecture, engineering, and construction is critical for every decision-maker involved in any facet of AEC. Designers, engineers, contractors, and educators are constantly making preparations for the future while looking for newer and better insights. The past is a sound starting point for predictions, and this webinar will start with the presenters looking at their 2022 trends webinar, assessing which forecasts hit the mark and which ones failed to come to fruition. Adding a layer of analysis will help illuminate the technical and social reasons why one of the biggest expectations for 2022, the rise of the metaverse, fell flat. The implications of the current state of the 2022 predictions for the AEC sector will be discussed, providing the viewers clarity on what has transitioned from a trend to a new normal that should be considered in future decision-making and planning.

The presenters will then delve into one of the biggest trends for 2023, artificial intelligence (AI). Drawing upon the speaker's professional roles in design, software, and education, the breadth of implications resulting from accessible AI tools for architects and designers will be explored in detail. Focusing on the opportunities present in education and practice, the webinar will assess the risks, both to the AEC practitioner and, perhaps even more importantly, to educators who already find themselves confronted with the challenge of managing AI-generated student work.

The webinar will conclude with concrete steps AEC practitioners can take to explore the application of AI technology at different stages of their workflow. Taking the stance of AI as a tool, the webinar will highlight the role of the designer in the context of AI use and how human designers are more important than ever in the context of AI-driven design.


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Roderick Bates
Head of Integrated Practice @Chaos
Throughout his career, Roderick sought out and developed solutions to environmental challenges related to the design, construction, and operations of buildings. As the Head of Integrated Practice at Enscape, his responsibilities include tracking industry and market trends, strategic partnerships, and M&A, with the global objective of empowering Enscape customers.
John Cays
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs @New Jersey Institute of Technology
John Cays is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s J. Robert and Barbara A. Hillier College of Architecture and Design. Located in Newark, NJ, USA, NJIT is an R-1 classified research polytechnic university, and a top 50 public university nationally. The Hillier College began in 1973 as the New Jersey School of Architecture and remains the only accredited undergraduate 5-year B.Arch degree program in the state.