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Topical Roundtable: How Hardware Startups Are Growing Food for the New Normal
With the pandemic, there has been an upsurge in home-grown food and local delivery solutions. How are food and ag hardware entrepreneurs adapting to the changing landscape? Are they taking advantage of online tools that enable mass collaboration and open-sourced knowledge to build more sophisticated solutions?

We will be joined at our virtual Roundtable by four disrupting food and agtech hardware startups from diverse locations around the world to explore the latest developments in this space. Through this open discussion, we will generate practical insights which will help other hardware entrepreneurs to learn, adapt, and succeed.

This Roundtable is co-hosted by Wikifactory, a social platform for collaborative product development. Designed for open-source communities, designers, and product companies.

Panellist details will be shared here soon.

Topical Roundtables bring together (up to) ten experts or entrepreneurs from our worldwide community. These 90-minute sessions aim to accelerate the impact of local innovation efforts by fostering global collaboration through sharing of ideas, know-how and best practices. In the end, we aim to identify practical action steps that can be driven forward.

Full TFF Live Program: https://thoughtforfood.org/tff-live/
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