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WEBINAR: Gender specific care after solid organ transplantation
Needs, behaviours and attitudes of women compared to men really matter, and accounting for them in research makes it relevant to the whole society. This webinar will help you rethink concepts, formulate relevant questions and perhaps develop new methods when performing research in organ donation and organ transplantation. The male body has long been taken as the norm. Female bodies have often been studied as they deviate from that norm. Gendered innovations mean to integrate sex and gender analysis into all phases of basic and applied research which will assure excellence and quality in outcomes. Current research indicates that there are significant gender differences in symptom distress after solid organ transplantation. The aim of this webinar is to provide examples from basic science and clinical health science with a focus on sex differences and discuss the relevance of a multi-professional, gender-specific follow-up regarding symptom management.

Who should attend?
The multi-professional team and especially physicians involved in long-term follow-up.

Creators and Moderators:
Umberto Cillo | Padova, Italy – Moderator
Christine Falk | Hannover, Germany – Creator
Anna Forsberg | Lund, Sweden – Creator
Valentina Ricci | Padova, Italy – Moderator

Ana Breithaupt | São Paulo, Brazil
Anna Forsberg | Lund, Sweden
Fernanda Ortiz | Helsinki, Finland


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