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World Stroke Day High Level Panel Event
No time to waste!
Saving lives and reducing disability by accelerating worldwide access to acute stroke treatment

This year 14.5 million people will have a stroke and 5.5 million will die as a result. Around 80 million people living in the world today have experienced a stroke. On the current trajectory, by 2050 we can expect about 200 million stroke survivors, and 30 million strokes leading to 12 million deaths each year. Most of this burden will be experienced in countries, communities and families that can least afford the consequences.

When it comes to stroke, we have no time to waste. For individuals, every minute from the onset of stroke to treatment contributes to a loss of brain function and increases the probability of long-term impairment, disability and death. For governments every year that goes by without action, ramps up the social and economic impact of stroke.

Improving outcomes requires effort on all front but improvements are possible, even in the most challenging circumstances. This World Stroke Day high-level panel event will bring together leaders from patient, policy and industry to discuss opportunities and challenges to save #Precioustime and deliver access to quality stroke care for all. Join us.

With panel moderator Rageh Omaar, ITV Global Health Correspondent, stroke survivor and Gold Medal Olympian, Michael Johnson and Sheila Martins World Stroke Organization President-elect, World Stroke Campaign and WHO, NCD expert Slim Slama.
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