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Intersectionality of Policy, Gender and Religion
The fundamental human rights framework is conceptualized in a way that did not consider women’s experiences, such as the fact that they have been repeatedly facing discrimination and oppression and have been victims of violence. International recognition of women’s challenges and acknowledging the need to encapsulate the gender-specific dimensions of human rights violations to better protect women was initiated relatively recently1. The ongoing work of civil society, activists, human rights mechanisms and State actors are crucial aspects in ensuring that the human rights framework is growing and being adjusted. In addition, we need instruments to adequately address the existing discrimination and disparities in the social, economic and political contexts at the intersection of race and gender.
Forty years after adopting the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), we witness that women’s rights are being eroded. In the name of a return to ‘traditional values’, the instrument(s) created to advance gender equality is not fully upheld.
In this context, the G20 Interfaith Forum Working Group on Gender Equality aims, with this Webinar, to provide a platform for open and transparent dialogue among officials representing organizations from different regions promoting women’s rights as well as religious actors. The participants will examine some of the key concepts critical to protecting and promoting women’s rights, the efficiency of international norms and frameworks, and addressing regional challenges. The webinar “Intersectionality of Policy, Gender and Religion” is envisioned to occur on Tuesday, 27 July, at 6 pm CEST and will have a duration of one hour and a half, followed by a Q&A.
The G20 Interfaith Forum offers an annual platform where a network of religiously linked institutions and initiatives engage on global agendas, including the Sustainable Development Goals. The goal of the G20 Interfaith Forum

Jul 27, 2021 06:00 PM in Amsterdam

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