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Future of Digital Experience Platform for Businesses
DXP stands for "an integrated set of fundamental technologies that facilitate the authoring, management, delivery, and optimization of contextually relevant digital experiences," according to Gartner.

Businesses stay competitive in today's digital environment by cultivating relationships through communication, which necessitates speaking and listening. Content is used to communicate, and data is used to listen. By speaking and listening to customers, prospects, partners, workers, and other audiences, digital experience platforms provide businesses with an integrated set of tools to establish meaningful relationships.

According to Gartner, over 85% of the time and money in a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) programme will be spent on integrations with internal and external systems through 2021.

When DXPs are working successfully for brands, the real need they fill is integration. A DXP is essentially an integrated collection or set of technologies that enable the management and optimization of a customer experience across a growing number of channels. It's a platform having a standard way of doing things, such as APIs and pre-integrations, user interfaces, and a well core set of technologies.

Digital Experience Platforms are built around personalization. It unites your content regardless of where you distribute it, making customer journey optimization and all of its components, across all touchpoints, significantly more manageable and measurable.

Leaders in AI will also be leaders in the DXP space. The number of channels and channel kinds that must be included into the DXP will change. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major one. Others will include virtual reality and augmented reality products and applications.

To delve deeper into the future of DXP, Group Futurista is happy to present it’s “Future of Digital Experience Platform for Businesses” webinar with revolutionary keynotes, case studies and more.

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