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Future of Digital Asset Management
In light of the recent events, working from home is becoming the new normal, it is becoming common to use Advanced gadgets to get work done. As enterprises are demanding more effective ways to store and leverage assets, the discipline is required to move forward into a more integrated, comprehensive whole and as a result, Digital Asset Management is becoming a company's content sharing and storage solution.

Even before the pandemic, the Digital Asset Management space was entering a period of advancement and Digital modification, but now DAM providers are innovating out of necessity, driven by navigating uncharted territory.

As per the 2018 State of Digital Asset Management report by Acquia, 62% of the surveyed companies use cloud-based DAM in place of on-premises DAM, which is among the top reasons for increased DAM implementation.

To know more about the upcoming advancements in the domain of Digital Asset Management and why is it important for a company to store data in a central location?, join us in our upcoming webinar, 'The future of Digital Asset Management'.
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