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Derick Murdoch and Simon McKeown - Snakes and Ladders Session 3


Jul 30, 2020 01:30 PM

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Derick Gwyn Murdoch
VR as an Empathy Engine
Derick is an expert in User Experience and User Interface design with a real attention to detail and the ability to create intuitive designs across all media with a sharp technical insight. An industry veteran with a burgeoning career, he focuses on amplifying the uniqueness of a project. Driven by a passion to communicate narratives effectively through digital technologies whatever the product – from mobile applications to bespoke 360° virtual reality stories – he focusses on both utility and content with big ideas at the heart of projects. Derick worked at BBC Scotland for 8 years where he created some of the first network-commissioned bilingual projects in English, Gaelic, and Cymraeg. After working in the commercial sector as a senior designer and creative producer, in 2011 he established Galactig, a highly successful and widely known bilingual digital agency which has delivered a variety of large-scale digital experiences. Galactig became part of the Rondo Media Group in 2014.
Simon McKeown
Responding to 'VR as an empathy engine'
Professor Simon Mckeown is an award-winning internationally exhibiting artist renowned for his work which touches on and considers disability as well as our digital futures. With a long career in digital production, he exhibits internationally and his works, including Motion Disabled, has been shown as far afield as the Smithsonian International Gallery in the USA, The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic, GAK in Kosovo along with galleries in Australia, Norway, America, South America, the UK, along with the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden, Germany. In 2018 he exhibited at the UK Government led Great Exhibition of the North in a joint exhibition programme. entitled This Way North. In 2010 he was named DaDaFest International Artist of the Year following the simultaneous showing of his work in 17 countries.