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Specifying Exterior and Specialty Roller Shades

This course outlines the key considerations for specifying exterior and specialty roller shade systems, including how a building’s structure impacts shade choice and the importance of material selection.

Learning Objectives

- Understand the Benefits of Using Exterior Roller Shades
- Identify Key Considerations for Specifying Exterior Roller Systems
- Identify Key Considerations for Specifying Interior Specialty Shades
- Understand how a Building’s Structure Impacts Interior Shade Selection
- Understand the Importance of Material Selection on the Interior and Exterior


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Nick Inman
Senior Project Manager, Specialty Division @Hunter Douglas Architectural
Nick has been involved in the specialty shading and solar control industry since 2005 in product development, project management, and technical sales. With a personal interest in sustainability and architecture, Nick enjoys creating system solutions for design challenges from concept to delivery. From napkin sketches, prototyping, and lifecycle testing to final manufacturing procedures, Nick works with the design team to ensure the performance and aesthetic intents are met. Nick graduated from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, where he studied Mechanical Engineering and Business, followed by a post-graduate year in Robotics at Fanshawe College.