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The role of the GSOC: what are the limitations and the opportunities?
Global Security Operations Centres (GSOCs) are widely heralded as a key interface between receiving data and using it in some way. They combine expertise in for example, creating and managing intelligence (avoiding being overwhelmed by the volumes available) and communicating that in a target user friendly way, facilitating an intelligence led approach to security. They take many forms, for example some are cyber oriented while others have a physical/environmental security remit. They can be responsible for co-ordinating very different types of data/intelligence, required to undertake very diverse forms of analysis, have vary varied links with stakeholders with whom they work. The type and sophistication of technology used is another variable; not least in the extent to which tools can trawl the web and identify the most relevant feeds, scan social media and monitor geopolitical events. Then there is variation in the skill sets of those who staff them. This webinar will discuss:

What are the key characteristics of an effective GSOC?
What are the impediments to an efficient running GSOCs?
How are GSOCs likely to evolve?

Feb 4, 2021 03:30 PM in London

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