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EV Battery Design for Manufacturability: Thermal Management Troubleshooting
Electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturers are working so quickly to meet market demands that subtle design problems often derail production. Explore simple things you can do to troubleshoot the challenges abrasive materials bring to any battery design.
Learn how to handle thermal interface materials (TIMs) in a way that:
• Maximizes equipment longevity
• Keeps production moving


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Robert Delgado
Global Market Strategist, eMobility @Graco
Robert Delgado brings 13 years of manufacturing experience to his global market strategist role at Graco Inc., a global leader in transferring and applying industrial materials. An expert in consumer behavior, design trends, project management and application development for e-Mobility, Delgado is motivated by finding solutions to electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer’s toughest challenges. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in marketing from California State University, Northridge, he earned a master’s of business administration with an emphasis in strategic management from the University of Southern California. Prior to joining Graco, Robert spent four years in e-commerce operations with Nuance Communications.