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AI With Everything – the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Networking
Artificial Intelligence is changing how networks are built and operated in the most profound of ways. We are all more reliant than ever on networks to keep enterprises agile, secure, and competitive. We also need to deploy more advanced tools than ever to keep networks themselves running at optimal levels. AI plays a critical part in making network operations simpler, smarter, more secure and faster.

Intent-based network architectures, for example, can help improve how networks function to the benefit of everybody from IT staff to customers. AI engineered into data centre networks at the level of the processor is changing how we use applications and extract value from data.

AI is delivering added value in terms of improved network performance, higher efficiency and enhanced user experiences. It is providing the basis for whole new business models and brand new use cases in fields like 5G and IoT.

Examples of areas where AI is already adding value to networks include:

AI can help spot anomalies that allow network engineers to fix problems fast in ways that would not be obvious even to the most experienced network professionals.
AI can make use of data-mining techniques to explore terabytes of data in seconds or minutes. IT departments can use this capability to fix problems before they occur
AI can help to dynamically adjust bandwidth capacity based on which applications are in use at specific times, replacing manual capacity planning with predictive analysis
Our analyst chair will share recent findings and explore these themes in more detail covering implications and how advances in AI and networking is being successfully leveraged in different market sectors with a panel of leading industry experts followed by a short media Q&A.

Oct 19, 2021 04:00 PM in London

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