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Pan-Indigenous Neuro Healing & Wellness
The Level 1 virtual training will lay the foundation for healing. We will focus on indigenous principles from all over the world, merged with current neuroscience. We will begin to understand that wellness is more than just the absence of dis-ease. The first step toward healing is in establishing balance. As indigenous people, we know that healing is not a destination or a static condition. Healing comes from consistently seeking the dynamic state of equilibrium in all areas of life. Through the discipline of tending relationships, movement, earth, ritual/ceremony, sustenance, sacred space, and sleep we learn to have balance as the foundation for healing and wellness. Level 1 also focuses on self-determination and how to mitigate the neurobiology that causes maladaptive behaviors and dis-ease. Ultimately, we will learn how to facilitate new neural pathways and continue our movement toward wellness.

May 24, 2023 09:00 AM in Arizona

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