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SPE GCS INNOVATE - The culture of innovation within energy transition
The Innovate committee is excited to share a unique and free opportunity to discuss how our market is evolving. We will be discussing topics related to energy transition within the oil and gas industry by bringing esteemed experts to discuss how they are adapting and evolving within energy transition. We will have a keynote address by Arno Van Den Haak (AWS) on the ‘The New Energy Playbook’ followed by a stimulating round tale discussion with some heavy hitters in Energy Transition.

The round table includes key executives of leading oil and gas operators and service providers. This session will be moderated by Dr. Preshit Gawade. They will be discussing initiatives that are undergoing major transition in today’s market and how the growing business of renewable energy is changing the landscape of the oil and gas industry. At the conclusion of our panel discussion we will open the chat room for some Q&A. If you would like to network with any atendes we will provide some time to post your linkedin profile URL in the chatroom to help connect our attendees.

As history shows, Innovation will become pivotal for our industry in times like these. We, the Innovate team, hope this provides some light into the direction of our industry and what to look forward to within our new culture of innovation. Join us on July 22nd from 3-5:30pm (cst) for this informative session on what is to come in our industry. We look forward to seeing you all there.

~ Innovate Team
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