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Customer IAM (CIAM) in healthcare
This webinar will be presented in collaboration with Netsyntropy and will cover the following:

Need for Customer IAM
Netsyntropy will describe the challenges facing healthcare institutions as they increasingly deliver services to partners, providers and patients. CIAM can help improve security, the end-user experience and reduce operational overhead.

OpenIAM CIAM Overview
Overview of the functionality found in the OpenIAM CIAM solution and how it helps address customer challenges.

Case Study
Discussion of how Netsyntropy and OpenIAM helped a customer enable CIAM to deliver new services to their vendors, customers, and other external users in a secure manner while improving their overall experience.

Demo will cover the following topics:
• User management: self-registration, bulk management, delegated administration, workflow
• Adaptive authentication and MFA (FIDO authentication)
• SSO and federation
• Consent management
• API and integration options
• Reporting and solution management


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