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Models for financing novel medicines to support innovation as a global public good
"Innovation is the backbone of the pharmaceutical sector. New medicines and therapies, such as those for rare diseases and personalized medicines, require considerable investment and risk on behalf of the manufacturers. The high cost of many new products in these areas is deemed unaffordable by governments and what constitutes a fair return on a manufacturer’s investment and risk is hotly disputed. Whether innovation is being pursued in areas representing priority health needs versus those offering higher returns is also debated. In this regard, many would argue that the current innovation research and development paradigm is no longer fit for purpose. 

This second webinar in the Oslo Medicines Initiative series looks at the current research and development system for biomedical products and considers its outputs and impact vis-à-vis patient needs. This raises the question: are the right medicines available at the right prices? If not, how can the system be modified? What policy changes around pricing, health technology assessment and reimbursement might better serve patients’ needs while simultaneously promoting innovation and a successful pharmaceutical industry? With speakers and panellists representing different stakeholders, the webinar will cover these and other issues. A question-and-answer session with participants will follow the discussion. "

Jan 20, 2022 02:00 PM in Brussels

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