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ICAS Insights: Social mobility in the accountancy profession
Date: Tuesday 10 November 2020

Time: 12 noon

Duration: 1 hour


James Barbour CA, Director of Policy Leadership, ICAS


Catherine Burnet CA, Regional Chair for KPMG in Scotland and ICAS President
Catriona Paisey CA, Professor of Accounting, University of Glasgow
Chris Flanagan, Lecturer in Accountancy, University of Glasgow

How can we ensure the accountancy profession is open and accessible to all? Join us to learn about the latest research in this area and what we can do to improve social mobility and access to the profession.

This webinar will focus on the insights that recent research can offer regarding diversity in the accountancy profession, with a particular emphasis on work that has examined the experiences of ICAS Members in the following areas:

• gender and ethnicity issues such as entry to the accountancy profession, career progression, work–life balance and gender/ethnicity pay gaps;

• social mobility issues such as whether the accountancy profession has barriers to entry for those from more deprived backgrounds, and also whether there are ongoing barriers in terms of subsequent career development;

• other less researched aspects in relation to the accountancy profession, including disability and LGBTQ issues.

Our speakers will highlight some key findings, suggest areas that require further investigation and set out some policy implications.

ICAS President, Catherine Burnet CA, will also outline recent developments at ICAS to embed a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion across our membership and the wider profession. She will discuss what more we might do to help ensure our profession is accessible and diverse, and that all our members’ voices are heard.
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