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Esther Derby
Fall Webinar Series
September: Introduction to the SEEM Model: Leadership at All Levels

Every organization—whether it is 5, or 50,000 people—faces three broad sets of concerns.

-Who are we? Why are we? How do we make money?

-What processes and projects enable us to deliver on our mission? How do we support the teams that make products and provide services?

-How do teams work together on initiatives that solve problems and provide benefits for customers?

The SEEM model provides a way to address these concerns that maximizes the possibility of healthy self-organization, and adaptability.

October: Creating a Great Environment for Teams

Why to some teams thrive, while others slog their way to uncertain results? It isn’t some magic team chemistry.
Team effectiveness is the result of enabling conditions and the interactions of team members.

I’ll talk about how to observe and assess enabling conditions for teamwork, team interactions, and dynamics.

We’ll look at these conditions through the lens of the SEEM model.

November: Psychological Safety and What it Means for Teams

Some people seem to think psychological safety means never feeling uncomfortable. In reality, it means being able to bring up uncomfortable stuff without fear of retribution.

We’ll look at how to recognize when safety is present or absent, and what you can do to foster safety.
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