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The Long-Term Epidemic of Isolation in America
Long before the COVID-19 crisis the United States, along with most of the western world, has been experiencing an epidemic of social isolation and loneliness. The causes are deeply rooted in nearly every aspect of modern life. Social connectedness is an essential need for human beings. We are hard wired for community-based life. Brain scans have shown that when we experience social rejection it activates the same regions of the brain as bodily trauma. Loneliness is not exclusive to older adults and individuals with disabilities, more than 60% of Americans report experiencing loneliness.

This webinar will explore how modern society has cast millions of people of all ages and ethnicities into prevailing feelings of loneliness. While social isolation is often associated with loneliness, people can, and to often do, feel lonely even when they are surrounded by others. The webinar will cover the benefits of peer support, and how it can assist individuals in overcoming the situations and issues that separate us, and in building lives with social connections and the types of relationships that enrich our lives.

Jul 21, 2020 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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