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Resilience & the Brain - Brain Links
Resilience is our ability to bounce back during and following stress or trauma. Maybe you are not feeling very resilient, having just come through a pandemic and all the other challenges life has thrown at you. Maybe you are concerned about your children or the people you serve. We will discuss practices you can use to become more resilient for yourself and others. We will show how resilience and a healthy brain are connected and how both are related to mental health, physical health and even longevity. You will leave with tools and tips for thriving through your next adversity – or at least for bouncing back faster.

Presenter: Wendy Ellmo MS CCC/SLP, BCNCDS is a Speech Language Pathologist, Brain Injury Specialist and Certified Brain Health Coach. After working for many years in a Brain Trauma Unit, Wendy became more aware of the need to take care of our brains across our lifetime, whether they have been injured in an accident, or just subject to life’s toxins and challenges. Wendy now works for Brain Links, a grant-funded program of the TN Disability Coalition. Wendy is on the Board of the Healing Heads Foundation.


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