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True Security Beyond High School - Part One: Establishing the Foundation for True Security
Preparing young adults for the new threats they will face in a world on their own.

Transitioning from high-school to college and/or the workplace requires a new understanding of today's unique threats and how to establish and build on a new foundation for true safety and security.

Part One focuses on establishing the foundation that is required in order to get as close as possible to achieving true security. This foundation will enhance your security beyond anything that you have done in the past. This training is designed for effectiveness for untrained, non-tactical, non-professional people - for people who haven't been in mind-altering careers that require "warrior and tactical mindsets". The training will benefit both young adults and parents with younger aged children.

Some of the topics that we will cover in this 1.5 hour training course:

- Understanding today's unique and dangerous threats and properly preparing to avoid victimization
- Overcoming the "victim mindset"
- Understanding that you can win, right now, knowing nothing more than you already know
- The three key elements of true security
- Developing your will
- The advantage of numbers
- Understanding "The Life-or-Death Gap"

and much more!

Blue-U Defense is a thought leader and solutions provider in personal and organizational security. Their clients include some of the largest, most recognized companies in the world, as well as local, small businesses in education, manufacturing, healthcare, professional practice, state and national trade association, and organizations of faith. They are the creators and developers of the Mission: Protected Complete Security Solution and Stage One which offers the most significant advance in organizational security in a single day.


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