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Catalyst for Change: Local Sourcing, Creative Dining: How Field & Main thrives through community focus
With a commitment to serving the community, Field & Main Restaurant in Marshall, Virginia has earned a reputation for outstanding meals sourced locally and served wherever the diner prefers.

In a tent, or in a car, in a room, or over Zoom, Field & Main meets its customers where they are most comfortable. Flexibility and commitment are the keys to its success.

As the Covid-19 Pandemic burgeoned Neal Wavra and his team were quick to set up cabanas in the field, adapt the menu and actively communicate their commitment to the health of their guests.

Earning trust has paid big dividends as repeat business grows. Now, with a long winter coming, Field & Main is poised to sustain itself as it helps sustain the community.

Topics include:
• Community makes good business
• Benefits of sourcing locally
• How to keep thrilling customers
• How to remain flexible, yet consistent

Panelists include:
• Neal Wavra, Chef & Owner, Field & Main Restaurant
• Beverly Pullen, Interim Director, Department of Economic Development, Fauquier County, Virginia
• Andrea Young, CEO & Co-owner, Hidden Creek Farm, Delaplane, VA

Who should attend: Business owners and leaders looking to turn adversity into an ally, and hungry for some great food.

Cost: No charge.


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