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Understanding Voluntary Occupational Retirement Pension Schemes
It has long been apparent that additional streams of income over and above one’s state retirement pension are needed to maintain one’s quality of life following retirement. Research conducted by ĠEMMA last year showed that 44% of respondents worry about their financial future but only 21% had some type of retirement pension plan.

The enabling legislation making Voluntary Occupational Retirement Pension Schemes (VORPS) possible has been in place for a few years. It provides another possible means of generating additional income after retirement and offers generous tax incentives for those who participate in such schemes. Yet participation is low.

This webinar will look at what makes VORPS attractive, how one can participate in such schemes and the benefits one can anticipate. The panel will consist of:

- Joseph Farrugia – General Director, MEA
- Josef Bugeja – General Secretary, GWU
- Andrew Aquilina – Head of Policy, Chamber of SMEs
- Frans Camilleri – Economist and Advisor, MSPC
- Ramon Muscat - Director, EMCS Advisory
- Mario Cassar – Moderator

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