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New Safety Standards Addressing Industrial Mobile Robots
Get an inside look at the new safety standard for Industrial Mobile Robots (IMRs). After this presentation, you will be able to identify the similarities and differences of IMRs from traditional Automated Guided Vehicles and Carts (AGVs/AGCs).

Industrial mobile robots (IMRs) can help you operating in a lean manufacturing environment. In this presentation, you will get an overview of the new U.S. safety standard for Industrial Mobile Robots (IMRs), ANSI/RIA R15.08-1 and see how you can implement a safe IMR solution in your operations.

The first part of this standard series will be published soon and addresses safety requirements pertaining to the IMR itself and the expectations of component or assembly suppliers. A review of various mobile equipment technologies (AGVs/AGCs, AMRs, and IMRs) is provided to help identify which safety standards apply based on the configuration and application.

Safety and navigational requirements for sensor capabilities are outlined, as well as clarification of various terminologies and concepts necessary to thoroughly understand the content of the standard. The steps necessary to achieving a safe solution are also highlighted, with additional resources provided for further information.

> Clear understanding of the differences between an AGV/AGC, AMR, and IMR
> Introduction to the new industrial safety standard for IMRs
> Insight into the structure and scope of each part of the new ANSI/RIA R15
> What is the difference between an AMR and an IMR?
> What is the difference between obstacle avoidance and collision avoidance?
> Who is responsible for the risk assessment: the OEM (supplier), the integrator, or the end user (customer)?
> Do I HAVE to have a risk assessment before deploying IMRs?
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