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Empowering All Women: Top Strategies for African Champions

While the competitiveness of African companies is increasing, many African organizations still do not take gender issues seriously enough, with only one in three companies in the private sector citing gender diversity as a CEO priority. Furthermore, organizations do not always understand the obstacles women face in climbing the leadership ladder, including unconscious biases, lack of sponsorship, caregiver responsibilities, and psychological harassment to name only a few.

Despite the considerable progress that Africa has made in raising women’s representation in executives committee members, CEO and board roles, with numbers varying by industry and region, what can African organizations do to make gender diversity a reality and a business priority?

Throughout this digital event, including several panels and strategic workshops, be prepared to meet some of the top female executives and human resources directors in Africa. Their disciplined approach to operations will invite us to better accommodate, empower, and retain female talent operating in Africa’s private sector.

Oct 20, 2022 10:00 AM in Universal Time UTC

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